About me

Short Summary of Projects and Accomplishments:

'04-'07: Software Entrepreneur: Togoware.com
             Designed, built, and launched a fast, simple to use and well received software that converts jpeg images into a photo album collection formatted for the the RCA e-book.  The software creates hyper-linked index thumbnails to easily navigate through the images.

             Research and Studies in: 
             Programming languages: Python, Ruby, C#, Actionscript, Javascript, Groovy
             Web Applications development: Rails, Flex, Django
             Digital Image Processing: Theory and Techniques
             Artificial Intelligence: Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms
             Game Physics: Game Physics and Collision Detection

'02-'04: Computer Science, M.S., CalPoly Pomona, CA (pending)
             Wrote papers on: Digital Image Processing, Complex Adaptive Systems, Go Game Expert, Parallel Algorithms

'01-'02: Software Design Engineer, Alcatel USA, Petaluma, CA
             Designed and built firmware for a new network switch

'98-'00: Senior Electrical Design Engineer, Alcatel USA, Petaluma, CA
             Core FPGA hardware logic designer of the Ingress Cell Processor for the DSL over ATM switch

1997: Computer Engineering B.S. degree, CalPoly State University, San Luis Obispo, CA

1997: Senior Project: The Book Reading Machine, CalPoly San Luis Obispo, CA

1997: Software Consultant at Logic Plus, Arroyo Grande, CA
             Designed the backup telemetry system for a government blimp surveillance project

1996: Robo Rodentia Project, CalPoly San Luis Obispo, CA

Current Residence:
the beautiful San Francisco, CA