Photo album for RCA ebook

Testimontails, a very recent one from yahoo message board:

Just thought you should know a very fine photo album creator was introduced to
this group in approx July 2005, created by on of our very talented REB1200
users, and marketed on his own website, That link
is still good today. Cheap at $30.95, on temp discount at $25.95. I bought
it in 2005. The best thing ever. Put the small program in a directory with
any number of jpeg files and execute. Converts all to one file. Place in your
Softbooks directory. Shows as a photo album as named by you, with a few
thumbnail index pages with touch selectable access to any of the images, or you
can page through them all. Fantastic color. I load it with images from my
camera and take them to the office or family for show. Each conversion is it's
own album. This program is so well done. This is true testimony of a
buyer totally unrelated and unknown to the developer. I also had been looking
a long time for such a program. Better than I had imagined was possible.
Easy as pie to use. Go see it. Buy it without reservation.

John Meares